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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Coalition: Three experts in booby-trapping, launching boats from Yemen killed

Coalition: Three experts in booby-trapping, launching boats from Yemen killed

Three experts specialized in booby-trapping and launching boats from Yemen's Saleef port were killed, the Saudi-led Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced Saturday.
Saudi Press Agency, on its social networking site Twitter, quoted the Coalition as saying that it targeted four booby-trapped boats at the port, and thwarted an imminent attack on oil tankers.

Houthi militias were given three hours to withdraw weapons from Hodeidah port, Saleef port and Sanaa airport, the Coalition confirmed. The Coalition stated that Houthi militias use firmly secured sites to attack oil installations in Saudi Arabia.

The Coalition had announced earlier Saturday the start of military operation to neutralize threat on oil facilities and energy security.

The Coalition said that airstrikes targeting "threatening agents are being executed in Sanaa and Hodeidah governorates."

The Coalition cited protection of global energy sources as reason for the military operation, affirming that it will directly target hostile agents and avoid civilians and oil facilities.

It added that it has practiced self-restraint in response to the recurring Houthi militia attacks on oil facilities, saying that the military operation is in its preliminary phases and will go on until it accomplishes its objectives.

The Coalition urged Yemeni civilians in Hodeidah governorate to refrain from going near any oil facility.

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