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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Cemeteries not included in removing slums operations

Cemeteries not included in removing slums operations

The official spokesman for the Jeddah Municipality, Muhammad Al-Boqami has confirmed that cemeteries are not included in the removing slums operations.
According to Akhbar 24, Al-Boqami said that the mosques will be kept or removed according to need. As for cemeteries, the removal work does not include them.

So far, permanent housing has been handed over to 207 families from the neighborhoods that were removed in Jeddah, Al-Boqami confirmed, while he noted that about 4,000 families have been handed over temporary housing.

He said that the removal of slums and rubble in Jeddah would continue until the end of November 2022, during which it will restore the visual improvement of the neighborhoods of the city of Jeddah.

It is noteworthy that the Committee for the Undeveloped Neighborhoods in Jeddah has announced that it will resume the work process of removing the slums in remaining neighborhoods after it had suspended the work due to the Holy month of Ramadan.

The committee stated that the remaining slums in Jeddah are in 12 neighborhoods.

The Makkah mayoralty has published the names of the neighborhoods whose removal will resume, namely: Mada'en Al-Fahd 1 and 2; Al Jami'ah; Al-Rawabi; Al-Muntazahat; Quwaizah; Al-Adel; Al-Fadel; Um Al-Salam; Kilo 14 in north Jeddah.

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