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Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Cambodian king receives MWL chief, praises league’s efforts in enhancing civil alliance

King Norodom Sihmoni of Cambodia received Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL) and President of the Association of Muslim Scholars Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa.
Dr. Al-Issa referred to the Cambodian model in realizing harmony in its national harmony, praising the excellence of this harmony with its Islamic component that enjoys full religious freedom and lives its national brotherhood with all in an image that reflects the high level of awareness and national solidarity.

For his part, the Cambodian king commended the tangible impact for efforts of the MWL in enhancing civil alliance in diversity around the world and enhancing awareness among Muslim communities.

Dr. Al-Issa also visited the Islamic Center in Phnom Penh and met with Cambodian Islamic leaders who praised MWL’s efforts around the world.

They expressed pride in the good reputation among senior political, parliamentary and religious Cambodian leaderships as an international model that celebrates the league around the world, which reflects remarkably and directly on Muslim minorities.

The MWL Secretary General also delivered the Friday sermon at the Grand Mosque in Phnom Penh upon the request of the Islamic religious leadership in Cambodia, where he addressed, during the sermon that was attended by hundreds of worshippers, four central aspects that concern Islamic components in their national communities.

He also met with Great Supreme Buddhist Patriarch of Cambodia Tep Vong and another patriarch, who stressed that the visit is historical for the Cambodian people, stressing the importance to enhance cooperation among followers of various faiths.

Also, the Royal University of Phnom Penh hosted Dr. Al-Issa, where he was received by the Cambodian minister of education, prime minister and university president, in addition to several instructors, researchers and students, along with senior officials of the local administration.

The university is the biggest in the country and was established 62 years ago, and has around 20,000 students at the bachelor’s and higher studies programs. During the visit to the university, Dr. Al-Issa delivered a lecture titled: “Our shared values and civil alliance.”

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