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Saturday, Aug 13, 2022

As expected, Saudi Arabia reacts sharply to the criminal act in its territory by the Israeli journalist Gil Tamari

Last week we reported here on the criminal act of the Israeli journalist Gil Tamari, who entered the holy city of Mecca, a city where only Muslims are allowed to enter, filmed himself there and broadcast the illegal video to millions of viewers on Israeli television and Twitter.

The Saudis naively expected an official apology from the State of Israel for the insult the Israeli journalist showed to the religion of Islam and the laws of Saudi Arabia.

The Israeli commenters on Gil Tamari's Twitter account strongly condemned him, in full consensus, including some who wished him to be treated by the Saudis like Gamal Khashoggi. but no official apology has been received in Saudi Arabia from the State of Israel, as if nothing terribly bad has been done.

The natural result came quickly. In the weekly sermon of the imam of the city of Mecca in the presence of tens of thousands of Muslims, the imam cursed the Jews and prayed that God would strike them as their retribution.

This is how a stupid, insolent and criminal journalist can destroy in 10 minutes, many years of joint efforts of two countries to establish peaceful relations, for their common safety  and prosperity.



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