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Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021

A Saudi traveler toured 52 countries on 3 continents

A Saudi traveler toured 52 countries on 3 continents

Saudi teacher Fahd al-Zahrani set a record for a motorcycle tour of 52 countries on three continents.
According to Al Arabiya Net, Saudi tourist Fahd al-Zahrani says he plans to explore Cape Town during the epidemic.

Fahad al-Zahrani said the tour of the South African capital was a major challenge due to health conditions.

Al-Zahrani said that he has a passion for motorcycle tourism and that he has dedicated his passion to the pride of his beloved homeland and the advocacy of his society.

He wants to show the world that Saudi society is a champion of tolerance. And is interested in establishing relations of love and peace and security with countries and nations around the world.

Al-Zahrani said he had travelled to various parts of Saudi Arabia on a motorbike to see the beauty of its historical sites.

To be rich in attractive historical and cultural treasures to travel to one part of the kingdom each month. going on an adventure is also introducing historical places from video.

He said he had visited all the cities and commissioners in the country, but that he is yet to visit Sharwar, near the Yemeni border.

Fahd al-Zahrani says that he learned a lot during his travels and many unforgettable events took place. He raised the head of his beloved homeland by donating blood to Amman.

He visited the Association of the Blind in Jordan, participated in Breast Cancer Risk Awareness Campaign in Dubai , visited Orphan Associations, participated in the Awareness Campaign on the Harms of Smoking and Tobacco, volunteered at Numerous Sports, Tourism and Recreation Fairs.

Fahad al-Zahrani is a graduate teacher. He has travelled to 52 countries since 2014. He has travelled to Jordan, Egypt and the Gulf Arab countries on a motorcycle.

He said the hardest days were the epidemic days, many of his plans and travel programs were suspended due to the Corona epidemic PCR, vaccinations, health passports, etc. are issues that are not easy to deal with.

Apart from motorcycles, Fahad Al-Zahrani also enjoys horseback riding, hiking, cooking and photography.

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