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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

6 requirements that a traveler must check before traveling

6 requirements that a traveler must check before traveling

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat), in a recent statement, has said that there are 6 requirements related to his passport that a traveler must check before traveling.
The Jawazat has called on travelers to review a number of matters related to their passports and the requirements of the target destination before traveling, which are:

1 - It is necessary that the traveler’s passport data be readable and his personal pictures must be clear.

2 - It is important to issue the necessary travel permits.

3 - The traveler must ensure the validity period of his passport, which is 3 months as a minimum when traveling to Arab and GCC countries, and 6 months when traveling to foreign countries.

4 - Verifying the requirements of the country to which the traveler will be traveling in terms of applying for an entry visa.

5 - Verifying the health requirements of the country that the traveler will be traveling to.

6 - The passport of the traveler must be free of any damage.

The Jawazat have also issued a new alert to citizens who seek to travel abroad, as it has urged them to register their passport with the Kingdom’s representations abroad when the citizen arrives at his destination through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Your passport is your identity outside the Kingdom,” the Jawazat said.

The Jawazat had confirmed earlier that betting on the passport exposes its owner to penalties including a fine and a penalty that could even reach up to a travel ban.

If a person loses his passport, he should inform the nearest embassy or the person’s representatives to the Kingdom, the Jawazat said.

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