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Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

50% increase in workers benefiting from ‘Ajeer Hajj’ service

50% increase in workers benefiting from ‘Ajeer Hajj’ service

The total number of workers benefiting from the “Ajeer Al-Hajj” service of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) recorded a 50% increase, reaching 14,558 workers this year.
The Ajeer program also indicated, through its recent statistics, that the Saudis represented 63% of the total employees, with 9,212 beneficiaries of the program.

The Ajeer program has achieved benefits for more than 370 facilities, in 15 different sectors, as it covered 100% of the previously announced job vacancies from companies and institutions participating in serving pilgrims during the Hajj period.

It is noteworthy that the Ajeer Al-Hajj service enables the establishments who are operating in the Hajj to issue work permits for their workforce, as it aims through it to increase the contribution to covering their needs during the Hajj season.

The MHRSD has activated the service in order to enable companies and establishments, who are working to serve pilgrims, to share their job vacancies on the Ajeer platform.

The service also enables Saudi citizens and residents wishing to work during the Hajj season to upload their CVs in the virtual labor market for Ajeer and issue the necessary permits that allow them to work.

Ajeer Al-Hajj service help manage and organize work during the Hajj seasons, in addition to contributing to covering the needs of the establishments participating in the season by offering job opportunities through the Ajeer platform, as well as benefiting from the manpower services available within the Saudi market.

The program indicated that the most prominent beneficiaries of the temporary work permit during the Hajj season, "Ajeer Al-Hajj service", are the establishments that provide services to pilgrims, such as catering, wholesale and retail, and transportation services.

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