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Thursday, Dec 08, 2022

Optical Illusion amazes Jeddah visitors with creative zones

Families are being entertained by Optical Illusion in Jeddah, which features flipped furniture, height-changing corners, giant macrons, carrom boards, Barbie and Ken doll boxes, and snakes and ladders.
Arab News spoke to Ahmed Khomais, creative team manager at Lamasat Events and project manager at Optical Illusion. “Optical illusions consists of things that trick the brain, or things the brain is unable to translate the way they are in reality,” he said.

“The type of experience we want to provide to our visitors is educational in terms of exploring optical illusions,” said Khomais, “and of course an all-in-all happy and joyful experience because everything in here can amaze you.”

The place has two main areas: The cafe and the event zone, which consists of five sub-zones comprising Fun Zone, Candy Land, Underground Zone, Winter Zone, and the Optical Illusions room.

The Fun Zone contains a salon with a human-sized Barbie and Ken doll, a room with giant macrons, a luxury fudge room, the human claw machine, and a children’s art area.

Candy Land has a gigantic three-layer birthday cake in the center alongside giant lollipops and two trampolines. Visitors can celebrate any event they like, such as birthdays.

The Underground Zone features a fantasy city that is dealing with the after-effects from an explosion, including the formation of gangs and criminals. Visitors need to solve riddles and act quickly to complete the game.

The Winter Zone showcases winter decorations and a special handicraft children’s area.

Abrar Abdulmohsen, a visitor, said that she enjoyed the Underground Zone the most as it was full of suspense.

“I loved the action and riddles I had to solve. I got competitive, and I absolutely loved that the gangs played their characters so well; it felt real,” she told Arab News.

Alaa Samhouri visited Optical Illusion with her husband and children. She said it was a great place for families to spend quality time.

“The kids really enjoyed the human claw machine where they are hooked onto the cable wearing a harness and grab the toys themselves,” Samhouri said. Her son, Ryan, however, had loved the trampoline the most.

“There’s something for all age groups,” she said.

Optical Illusion began on Sept. 8 and will continue until Nov.15.

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