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Thursday, Dec 02, 2021

KSA Business: Saudi eLearning Center seals strategic collaboration with edX

KSA Business: Saudi eLearning Center seals strategic collaboration with edX

Saudi Arabia’s National eLearning Center (NELC) has announced a strategic collaboration with edX to provide access to quality courses and programmes through its platform FutureX to the kingdom's citizens, students and government employees.
The NELC was established as an independent entity by the kingdom's Council of Ministers, to enhance trust in the eLearning programs, leading innovation in learning digital transformation and enabling the integration among educational institutions and employers.

This first of its kind collaboration, funded by the NELC, marks a milestone for both edX and the NELC and will initially reach over 30,000 learners.

For edX, this collaboration is an important milestone in its efforts in the Middle East to support its mission to increase access to high-quality education on a global scale.

For the NELC, the collaboration bolsters the country’s transformation in education and training through eLearning led by NELC. The collaboration bolsters the country’s model for eLearning, which was recognized by independent studies conducted by Online Learning Consortium in partnership with other leading global organizations during the pandemic.

Starting now, the NELC will work with institutions, including government organizations, schools, and enterprises across Saudi Arabia to connect citizens with online learning content on edX that will help unlock new and exciting opportunities - from earning credit toward a full degree through a MicroBachelors program or MicroMasters program to learning the skills needed to succeed in today’s workplace through a Professional Certificate program.

"Working with NELC is an incredible opportunity to further the founding vision of edX - education for all," said Anant Agarwal, edX CEO and founder.

“Through our work together, we will provide learners in Saudi Arabia with the opportunity to transform their lives through learning. I look forward to the impact that this new NELC program will empower citizens to have as they work toward creating positive change and impact in their own lives and organizations,” stated Agarwal.

NELC Director General Dr Abdullah Alwalidi said: "Working with edX as one of our strategic partners for the National eLearning Platform – FutureX, expands the opportunities for our learners and institutions to a greater access to highly quality international content, faculty and institutions."

"Through this partnership that is of strategic importance we ensure that NELP continuously supports the demands of the learning needs resulting in developing the human capabilities in the kingdom," he added.

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