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Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

Kaaba Kiswa to be replaced on Muharram

Kaaba Kiswa to be replaced on Muharram

The Kiswa of the Kaaba will be handed over to the senior keeper of Kaaba on the first day of Eid Al-Adha (Dhu Al-Hijjah 10) and a new covering will replace it on the first of Muharram, the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques announced on Monday.
The Presidency said the Kingdom’s leadership is proactive in everything that raises the level of services provided at the two holy mosques, and that the utmost attention is paid to the Kaaba and its Kiswa.

It added that the Kaaba is draped in a new Kiswa every year due to the sanctity of the building.

The Kiswa is made from raw silk dyed black and is decorated with Qur’anic verses that are embroidered onto the cloth with gold-plated thread.

The cover was sewn at the King Abdulaziz Complex for Holy Kaaba Kiswa, in accordance with the highest standards.

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