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Saturday, Sep 24, 2022

Jeddah redevelopment: Razing of Montazahat neighborhood will begin Tuesday

Jeddah redevelopment: Razing of Montazahat neighborhood will begin Tuesday

The Committee for the Random Neighborhoods in Jeddah Governorate revealed that it will start on Tuesday the work of razing Montazahat neighborhood in line with the previously announced executive plan and timeline for the demolition. This was after the end of the period of serving notices, disconnection of electricity and water services, and evacuation of the properties.
The committee announced that it will continue providing services to the evacuated residents of these neighborhoods through the committee’s headquarters or through the website of the Jeddah Mayoralty. The most prominent of these services are luggage transfer services; provision of food baskets; permanent housing services; temporary housing until the payment of compensation or allotment of permanent housing, and the service for submission of applications for the disbursement of compensation.

The committee stated that with the start of the removal of Montazahat neighborhood, the number of neighborhoods that have so far razed or are being removed reached 29 neighborhoods and there are only three neighborhoods remaining out of the total 32 neighborhoods that are identified for razing and redevelopment.

The committee called on all citizens to quickly complete the procedures so as to facilitate disbursement of compensation with the submission of the required papers and documents, including a copy of the title deed or document, the owner’s data and a clear copy of the national identity in PDF format.

The citizens need to submit the IBAN number of the bank account on the bank’s publications in PDF format, the statements of each of the Saudi Electricity Company, the National Water Company, the Social Development Bank, the Agricultural Development Fund, the Real Estate Development Fund, a copy of the legal agency of the agent and a copy of his national identity.

This is in addition to a copy of the electricity-water bill, a photo of the building if any, an aerial photo of the site or any other photos, if any and the number of documenting the evacuation of the building. This may be sent via the service of receiving requests for compensation for the removal of slums through the Jeddah Mayoralty’s digital portal

The committee pointed out that the State Properties General Authority has allocated several communication channels to serve citizens and respond to their inquiries about completing the procedures for disbursing compensation, through the unified communication center No. 920022447 or the e-mail CSSPGA.GOV.SA, in addition to the Partner Care account on the Twitter platform @spgacare.

The demolition of the buildings and removal of the rubble will be completed in all targeted neighborhoods in Jeddah by the previously announced deadline of Nov. 17, 2022. The mayoralty aims to remove random neighborhoods on a total area of 18.5 million square meters, in addition to the slums located within the plots of land of the King Abdulaziz Endowment for Al-Ain Al-Aziziyah, in eight neighborhoods covering a total area of 13.9 million square meters. These neighborhoods come within the first phase of the Jeddah Redevelopment Plan, which includes 32 slums and random districts.

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