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Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

Dubai Customs thwart smuggling of 12.5kg of marijuana hidden in bag lining

Dubai Customs thwart smuggling of 12.5kg of marijuana hidden in bag lining

Dubai Customs inspectors have thwarted the smuggling of 12.5 kg of marijuana concealed in the bag lining of a passenger traveling into Dubai International Airport
The narcotics were discovered on a passenger coming from an African country, with Dubai Customs saying they used advanced screening technologies to detect the drugs in the passenger’s bags.

“Inspection officers at the Passenger Operations Department at Dubai International Airport were able to identify the suspicious bags after they passed the x-ray machines, which revealed abnormal density in the two bags,” Dubai Customs said in a statement. “The bags then were searched manually and the marijuana, which was hidden skilfully in the inner lining of the bags, was discovered and seized.”

Two plastic bags that contained 2.9kg and 2.7kg of marijuana were hidden in the first bag, and the second bag had two bags that contained 3.4kg and 3.5kg of marijuana, with a total weight of 12.5kg.

Ibrahim Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations Department, said: “These seizures reflect the integration and full coordination between the various customs units at the Dubai International Airport and the quick response to thwart any smuggling attempts and prevent the entry of narcotics as part of Dubai Customs vision to lead safe customs worldwide.”

The operation started when one of the inspection officers suspected the luggage of a passenger coming on a trip from an African country.

At the inspection area, the passenger was asked if he has anything to disclose, but he said there was nothing to disclose. The bags, then, were searched manually and the narcotics were seized.

Dubai Customs is using highly innovative technology – including underwater drone technology - to thwart illegal or banned substances into the UAE.

They include the Smart Deterrence Inspection Drone; an advanced drone used to help with customs inspection operations in rugged, dangerous, confined and difficult-to-reach spots. It is used to replace inspectors in dangerous places and keep them safe.

They also use the Siyaj Buggy; an advanced inspection buggy that can go under vehicles, with ability to take high-resolution photos, recording and storing, in addition to 360-degree 30-meter shooting range.

The Customs Dolphin - a marine robot that resembles the dolphin in shape – is equipped with advanced technologies including a waterproof 12 megapixel 4k camera, attached to a robotic arm that can move around to cover a 220-degree angle. The submarine can swim at a speed of 8 knots or 16km/hour, and it can record live videos and take high-resolution stills. It also can scan certain spots underwater with the help of the GPS. Range of control and streaming is around 1,000 metres.

Inspectors can control the customs dolphins remotely and send them to monitor the marine vessels and their movements before they enter the port to detect any attempts by them to get rid of the prohibited goods before the ship enters the customs inspection pier.

Dubai Customs made almost 5,000 seizures during last year – including the country’s largest-ever haul of crushed captagon, the highly addictive amphetamine, through the use of its innovative technology.

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